Collection: Artist signatures

ENIGMA Atelier is opening a previously unexplored door.
A selection of works of art by recognized artists to be made accessible in the world of high-level design.
It is a revisitation in a Pop key that does not affect the uniqueness, but which aims to enhance the original sculptures.

The aim is to replicate by preserving the uniqueness and returning a new light to the sculptures with the aim of opening a new scenario within art galleries and high-end interior design stores.

The collection plays with valuable materials such as marble and finishes so mirrored that they capture every single reflection of the surrounding environment.

The first Collection is dedicated to Sauro Cavallini .
The master from La Spezia who shaped bronze sculptures exhibited throughout the continent such as the 'Hymn to Life' exhibited in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe building or the 'Cat' purchased by the Gallery of Modern Art in Florence (Catalogue Museum 1711, Inventory n.2184, Location Room 2) of which the Uffizi Museum complex is part, an icon of his first artistic period.

Among the other monumental public works by Maestro Sauro Cavallini we mention two which are part of the private collection of the Principality of Monaco: 'Fraternitè' and 'Passo a due' located respectively at the entrance to the Railway Station and in front of the "Princess Grace Rose Garden" of the Principality.

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