Founded in Fiesole a few steps from Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, ENIGMA Atelier rediscovers and supports high craftsmanship, bringing it to a new level by presiding over the worlds of high-end and artistic design.

It was born in June 2022 as an innovative Italian start-up, registered in the Florence business register, under the leadership of Enrico Romagnoli and his co-founding partner.

“Nowadays everything has already been invented, we need to reinterpret it in a modern key and contaminate it with scenes of everyday life to make it current and usable by contemporary society”.
This statement from the co-founders reflects an important concept in the field of creativity and innovation. It means that in the contemporary world, many basic ideas or fundamental concepts have already been discovered or invented in some form. However, this does not say that there is no room for innovation or creativity if these are in the service of high craftsmanship. On the contrary, the challenge is to find new ways of interpreting, applying new technologies and combining them with existing ideas to make them relevant and accessible to contemporary society. The reinterpretation also occurs through the addition of elements of everyday life. At the base is the creative Factory which is structured day by day, preserves the artisan tradition and incubates the know-how of Italian design.

“Well done” for being protagonists on the market: the collaboration between expert design minds and artisans, who have as their lowest common denominator the passion for the search for detail and respect for culture, creates that something that transforms an object into a complement of extra ordinary furnishings.

Thanks to research and innovation, increasingly high-performance materials and new production processes are introduced alongside classic processes: this is where the ENIGMA Atelier Collections are born.

In 2023 the Factory presents "Mascherati" from the "404: tailor-made interference" collection. One of the first artistic installations that combine the latest 3D technological innovations with artisan tradition. Artifacts that fully convey the concept of Made and Manufactured in Italy. Always in 2023 presents the “Italia Iconica” collection with an extraordinary collection of Moor Heads, all inspired by Sicilian beauty and reinterpreted in a contemporary key with a nod to the lively and bold aesthetics of Pop Art.

For ENIGMA Atelier, technology is at the service of the wisdom of the hands and the extraordinary human capital that it has created with ingenuity for centuries.

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